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equip - Yoga ROM Props 'Blocks, Wedges, Pads'

How using Yoga Blocks can assist better ROM practice

Blocks prop up for more comfortable help to reach lacking alignment with less injury risk.  These Blocks come with variations (Wedges, Pads/Shoulder Pads, Drums, Slant Boards) and Sizes including half and ¾, the bigger the yoga block, the bigger the support. Blocks, Wedges and Pads are props born from the Iyengar tradition of yoga teaching that having the proper alignment is the most important thing. Until the body becomes open enough, props can be used to bring the body into alignment in order to achieve maximum benefit and avoid injury. That being said blocks can be used in advanced practice to further develop ability’s with less risk and or are handy in relaxation, so forth. From the Chapter ‘Yoga ROM Props’ (Link)
✧☾ Perfect for ☽✧
Standing poses in which one hand or both are on the floor,
Wheel Pose with Yoga Blocks
Use a Block under Hands in Balancing Poses
Use a Block for Hamstring Stretches when too tight to reach with alignment
Half Moon, Triangle, Revolving Triangle and Side Angle with block under hand for reach
Pyramid Pose with Blocks
Lizard Pose with a Block/ Use a Block to Raise the Floor
Use a Block for Support of the Spine or Seat
Seated Twist with block under hand for balance/support
Bridge Pose with the Block under back, and or under but to help lift
Downward dog with blocks under hands
Reclined Hero with blocks under head and upper block
✧☾ Block Types From Budget/Beginners to Lux ☽✧
Foam and
Rice Husk blocks (Link)
Cork blocks (Link)
Wooden blocks (Link)
Optional protector covers
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