Friday, 22 January 2016

equip - Yoga ROM Props 'Wooden blocks'

Blocks for advanced practice made from wood

Wooden yoga blocks are the royale of yoga blocks and for the advanced practitioner. Rigid and sturdier with more weight, these blocks can be solid, hollow and sometimes with grip/handle grooves cut into. The priciest of all block materials are completely ECO friendly, renewable and sustainable, with no toxic chemicals and preferable stained with natural colors. Different woods can be used with no one block being alike – the adult toy blocks for advanced yoga and ROM practice. Start with the larger blocks and as practice evolves with alignment, go smaller. Not ideal for relaxing postures but really help to lift the advanced game. From Chapter ‘Yoga ROM Props’ (Link)
✧☾ Shapes ☽✧
Half Block
¾ Block
½ Flat Block
Tall Block
Super Size Block
Yoga Block average size (23x15x10cm)
✧☾ Perfect for ☽✧
Standing poses in which one hand or both are on the floor
Wheel Pose with Yoga Blocks
Use a Block under Hands in Balancing Poses
Use a Block for Hamstring Stretches when too tight 
to reach with alignment
Half Moon, Triangle, Revolving Triangle and Side Angle 
with block under hand for reach
Pyramid Pose with Blocks
Lizard Pose with a Block/ Use a Block to Raise the Floor
Use a Block for Support of the Spine or Seat
Seated Twist with block under hand for balance/support
Bridge Pose with the Block under back, and or under but to help lift
Downward dog with blocks under hands
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